• Specializes in: Life Coaching.
  • Also Excells In: Interpersonal Communication and Training, Business Consulting.
  • What I have to offer:

Adjust your thinking

Change your outcome

Become who you were designed to be.

  • Benefit: Dr Yvonne’s mission – Positively impact lives of young people starting out in life! Help them discover their purpose and equip them to achieve their dreams.
  • Contact details:

Email: yvonne@geared4life.co.za.

Facebook page:

  • Bio: Dr Yvonne Prinsloo is passionate about life and does everything in excellence. She has vast knowledge and experience in many fields. Because of her positive personality she has made a huge difference in people’s lives wherever she was involved.
  • Her experience includes:
    • Human resource management for a bank group where she gained skills in training and communication.
    • Managed her own training & consulting company where she developed and presented courses.
    • Co-director of MNF Enterprises, attending to all client relations and staff issues.

Yvonne Prinsloo

Life and Transformation Coach

B.Com.(Industrial Psychology), Ph.D in Ministry.

084 200 1665



What you expect is what you will get.

Expect victory and that is what you will get!!

Have hope on purpose! Enjoy 2020!

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