Supernatural Coaching

Supernatural Coaching

Do you want to experience more of the supernatural realm of heaven in your life?

Are you longing for more intimacy and more encounters with God?

The supernatural can become part of your natural lifestyle every day!

Divine Healings, Miracles, the Prophetic, Financial Breakthroughs, etc. are available!

You can choose where you want to grow spiritually and what you want to excel in.Some of the exciting areas we will be covering on this 6-month journey may include:

  • Hearing God’s Voice!
  • Kingdom Thinking!
  • Carry God’s Presence!
  • Understanding Dreams!
  • Miracle Healings!
  • Activating the Prophetic!
  • Experience the Supernatural!
  • Activating your Gifts!
  • Abundant Life!
  • Breaking Poverty!

These coaching sessions will help you to become who God created you to be!
Coaching principles are combined with the latest brain research and combined with the powerful Word of God.
This transforms your mindset to Kingdom Thinking where anything is possible!

Discover God’s dunamis power to experience miracles and become more than a conqueror!
Experience God’s healing power flowing through you!
Blind eyes see; deaf ears hear; cancer is healed; pain is gone!Learn to walk in the supernatural realm of God every day.
Become a carrier of God’s presence and change atmospheres wherever you go!
Activate your prophetic gift, hear God’s voice and see in the spirit!

Break the root of poverty and poverty thinking.
Experience the life in abundance!
Become a Kingdom Financier!

Many times, the powerful Word of God is applied on the foundations of a mindset that was taken from the world around us. Although the Word is powerful, the mindset might be contrary to the Word. That is why so many believers struggle to be conquers!

In Supernatural Coaching, we identify toxic thought patterns and replace them with the positive foundations of the Bible. Then we build strong Kingdom thinking mindsets on Biblical principles. Because God’s Word cannot return void, it WILL accomplish in our lives what God promises! (Isaiah 55:11)

In cycles of 21 days, we build thought patterns that become part of your subconscious mind, from where all your future decisions will be made from. You will be an Ambassador of the Light and walking in the supernatural as a normal part of your everyday life!

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