Dr Karien Smith

Specializes in:

My passion is to see people set free and live to their full potential. I love to see people enjoy everyday life and walk in their purpose and destiny.

Excels in:

I am a trained and experienced Media Manager, Sound Engineer and Business owner. I am passionately involved in media and love helping businesses reach their potential through media. My ambition is to counter the lies that surrounds media and bring the truth in the correct way!

What I have to Offer:

If you need leads for your business, you are at the right place. I can market your product for you and train you to do it yourself. Videos, Video Clips, Website Design, Sales Funnels, Social Media Marketing, Branding – whatever your digital needs, I can assist and coach you to become an expert!

Benefit to you:

Your creative potential can be unlocked;

You can start to compete online;

And you can have branding and automation that will generate passive income for you!


Karien Smith is an experienced Coach and a natural Leader. She has a master’s degree in leadership and a Doctorate in Media. She has various other certificates in Sound Engineering, Software and Web design.

She visited various countries, has outstanding teaching gifts, and frequently presents on Radio, TV and on internet. She is an ordained Pastor and flows powerful in the prophetic. For many years young and old seek her advice and flock to her for mentorship and coaching. 

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