Dr Francois Engelbrecht

Specializes in:

My passion is to look for the gold in you and to UNLOCK POTENTIAL. I live to see people equipped and empowered to reach their purpose and destiny.

Excels in:

I am a trained and experienced Business Coach, Wealth Coach, Executive Coach and Life Coach and operates from a Neuro-Science foundation. I am passionately involved in developing people and business potential to the utmost and I love to mentor.

What I have to Offer:

If you have dreams, I can help you make those dreams come true. I would love to help you rewire your brain to become really successful! If you are willing to change, I can assist you in becoming financially free!

Benefit to you:

Your potential can be unlocked;

Your brain can be rewired for success;

And you can experience financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom!


Francois Engelbrecht is an experienced Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Pastor, Professor, Radio Presenter, TV Presenter and Author. His Doctorates are in Motivation, Kingdom Finances and in Business Administration.

He is a visionary and a possibility thinker and uses neuroscience as a foundation for coaching. His passion is to unlock the supernatural potential in leaders, and help them to become very successful in the shortest possible period of time.

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