Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching

Do you want to get out of Debt and experience Financial freedom?

Create Wealth Thinking!

Be an Entrepreneur with Multiple Income Streams!

This 3-6 month program may be the Key to Unlock Your Wealth!

What kind of wealth do you want to experience?

Where do you want to be financially in 3, 5 and 10 years from today?

Depending on your unique desires and situation, we will focus on some of the following areas:

  • Financial Freedom!
  • Get Out of Debt!
  • Multiple Income Streams!
  • Start Your Own Business!
  • Wealth Thinking!
  • Success Budgeting!
  • Build Your Wealth!
  • Cash-Flow Quadrant!
  • And MUCH MORE!

In this 3-6 months Coaching program we will take 2 snap-shot pictures:

Where you are right now!
Where you desire to be!
Together we will decide on the best action steps to reach your dreams!

Discover the power to get wealth!
Create wealth thinking – it’s a mindset! 

If you had a choice of education:
Would you go to school where you would learn to work for money?
Or to a school where you could be taught how money can work for you?

What do top executives, joyful homemakers, and successful sports people all have in common?
They all use a coach to help them live their dreams!

Once-off Appointment                                  R400 ($35)

One Month  (4 sessions)                               R1400 ($105)

3 – 6 Months (4 sessions per month)      R1200 ($99) pm

Answers to the most common questions:

Why is longer periods of coaching more effective?

Recent research on brain functioning discovered that old mindset patterns are broken down over a period – not in a day!

New financial mindsets will only be formed in cycles of 21 days. Sometimes more than one 21-day cycle is needed to form new mindsets and habits.

Successful integration the different areas of WEALTH THINKING only happens over a long enough period, but the results are long-term and astonishing!

What makes this wealth coaching different from others?

We don’t build new success patterns on the old paradigms of toxic thinking. We erase negative thinking and build new paradigms on new foundations.

Then we affirm the brand-new wealth thinking in cycles of activation that secures long-term wealth thinking.

We facilitate your wealth growth with success proven experience.