Dr Francois Engelbrecht



For years I tried many ideas and started many business opportunities. Some were more successful than others. But deep down I knew: I can be successful! If I only had somebody who could show me how! 


And then it happened! I had breakthroughs and tasted real success!


Today I LIVE MY DREAMS and enjoy every moment of my life! 


My PASSION is to see YOUR POTENTIAL UNLOCKED and to see YOU happy and successful.

If this is what you are looking for, you are at the right place!

Looking forward to seeing you fly high!


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Dr Francois Engelbrecht

Francois completed his Doctorate in Motivation, his PhD in Finances and his Doctorate in Business Administration. His passion is to unlock potential and to see people equipped and empowered to reach their purpose and destiny.

Francois is a trained and experienced Business Coach, Wealth Coach, Executive Coach and Life Coach and operates from a Neuro-Science foundation. He is passionately involved in developing people and business potential to the utmost and is in high demand as a mentor.

He was trained at MBCI (Mentors & Business Coaches International) and he attended various business coaching courses. He was a member of COMENSA and facilitated on behalf of LEMON Leadership, Strengths Uniqueness Coaching, REP Consulting, Bright Star Training, etc.

As an experienced radio and television personality, Francois hosts two weekly Television programs. He is an international motivational speaker and travels the globe. He visited more than 30 countries and he conducts training programs around the globe.

He is a Professor at two Universities and he is involved in the MBA, DBA, Management and Theology departments. As a passionate entrepreneur, he has served in Executive Leadership positions in several organisations. He was CEO of a Short-term Insurance Company, Marketing Director of two companies and he is a Business Owner of different enterprises. He is currently the CEO of Powerhouse International, Coaching Winners, Unlocking Digital and Smartbiz.

Francois excels in strategic management, organisational development and people skills. He loves to read and he has written several books and eBooks. He continuously develops academic and other material.