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I combine coaching principles with the latest brain research to bring about radical shifts in mindset and behavior. This results in permanent, positive change in your life!!!

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What do top executives, joyful homemakers, and successful sports people all have in common?

They all use a coach to help them live their dreams!

What is coaching? Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.
Coaches are personal change experts who help others fulfill their destiny.

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What clients and colleagues say

Ivan van Niekerk, Porterville

Dr Francois is one of the humblest leaders I know. Over the past decade he has been a “father”, mentor and friend that deeply impacted my life forever. I can honestly say that I am where I am today because of his passion and ability to empower people. I have seen him equip countless of leaders worldwide who are now living out who they are destined to be. Francois has the ability to not only see the greatness inside every person, but also to draw it out and help you step up to your true potential. His practical wisdom about all areas of life seems inexhaustible - he is a real gift from God!

Meshack Aswani, Kenya

Dr Francois is an excellent Coach who has such a great passion and vast experience in bringing out the best in all of his clients. If you have been searching for a Life and Business Coach, search no more.  You have found one in Francois. He has been my personal Life Coach for the last 7 years and the result is incredible! The passion he has in seeing people reach their fullest potential, is amazing. He will provide you with strategies and nuggets to build you up and guide you to excellence. I couldn't have reached where I am today without Francois. His expertise, knowledge and wisdom is extensive. I thank him deeply and highly recommend him to all that seek a qualified Life and Business Coach.

Mark Loretz, Durbanville

Francois has a strong passion for empowering and activating people of all influence circles and backgrounds to reach their purpose and destiny in life.  He loves engaging with people in a strong relational heart connection, that is non-threatening and very inspiring in its core and realness!  Francois thrives in unlocking potential and dreams and journey with people to the manifestation and maturing of those dreams through a committed mentoring process.  He loves to see people being released and succeed in all aspects of life!  As a colleague and friend, I have the privilege to highly recommend working with Francois in whatever capacity of life coaching, wealth coaching and business entrepreneurial coaching is needed!

Dr Annerine Roos, Bellville

Francois is a passionate leader who is dedicated to help people thrive and reach their personal destiny. He aims at enabling you to discover your unique gifting and talents, and to guide you to improve in every area of your life. He challenges you in a unique way to do better to the benefit of the Kingdom of God. You were made to move with others with rich and lasting benefits compared to selfish ambition that produces fleeting short-term benefits. Learning to speak life is essential to thrive; no half measures. I whole-heartedly recommend Francois as a coach in spiritual, financial and other matters. Be ready to fly high once you commit!

Dr Christa van den Berg

If you are tired of a lifestyle of average income, average joy, average achievement, it’s time to meet Dr Francois! With his warm personality, motivating enthusiasm and his passion for life, he inspires everybody he meets to a higher level of functionality! Francois is uniquely gifted to function both people orientated and business oriented at the same time. His high level of integrity combined with years of life and business experience, makes him the most ideal life and business coach you can hope to have. The wisdom and knowledge that he will share with you, can have positive and life-changing results in your life! Globally this can change mindsets from average to exactly what you were created for: to be highly successful in your personal and business life, and experience a life of emotional and material abundance and inner peace!

Jonathan Peters, Nigeria / South-Africa

Along our journey in life there are Divine connections we encounter. These Divine connections are there to propel us forward in achieving and doing what we are assigned for that season of our lives. These Divine connections gives us the strength, knowledge, encouragement, and a loving push that we so need. Francois, I know my connection with you was a Divine connection. I was at the point in my life that I had to make a big decision. After getting connected with your business coaching, I realized what to do in business. I strongly believe that Dr Francois is absolute God-sent! Through him I have accomplished so much. My mindset concerning Marketplace ministry has totally changed. If you're looking to catapult your business to the next level, if you're looking to remove barriers in your life that are not serving you, Francois will absolutely help you do that! What inspires me even more than Francois's powerful coaching abilities, is his absolutely Divine example of what is possible for us when we believe in ourselves and God. Finally, I see myself re-starting my Media business and taking it to a higher level. Last year I made R70,000 for a start. Dr. Francois, I see you as my coach, mentor, spiritual father and my brother in Christ. I thank God for our Divine connection.

Adri-a van Aswegen-Janse van Vuuren, Yzerfontein

I have known Francois for 10 years. He has been my study leader and personal coach for the last two years.  His passion for The Kingdom of God and the power of the Holy Spirit that is evident in his life, is outstanding. He is on fire and on the move! He believes that we are overcomers and that we can be transformed through the renewal of our minds.  He is convinced of each person’s ability to grow into the fullness of God’s call for his life. As a coach, he is not afraid to stretch you and challenge you to make the necessary mind shifts.  He has a special way of motivating and supporting people - whether as an individual or as a team within a corporate organization. With this God-given gift and skill, he can encourage people to reach their purpose and destiny. For him change is synonymous with growth. I have a deep appreciation for him as a person, leader and coach. He is a man of the highest level of commitment and integrity. I gladly recommend him as a coach that will lead you on your journey towards God’s plan for your life.

Professor Paul Kilundu PhD, Congo (DRC)

Dr Francois is a friend, father and doctor of the word of God. His life, family and ministry have impacted my life - one of many in the Kingdom of God. His devotion and love to the Word always brings divine refreshment, peace, and love in the lives of people. As professor and translator, I notice in Dr Francois’ Books and Courses a unique nature of the softness of God’s heart to bring His children back to Him. Francois is a great blessing to the Body of Christ. He has a deep knowledge of the Word, he is living the gifts of the Spirit, he is a business coach and a church planter. If you are looking for a true spiritual father, a true teacher of the Word and a business coach, Francois expresses these divine characters everywhere in the church and marketplace.

Johanna Carstens, Durbanville

Dr Francois Engelbrecht is a multi-gifted life, business and wealth coach and a strong strategist. He is seasoned, his knowledge and expertise is extensive and practical to implement. As a forerunner with a strong character he is sought after by leaders and business people to come alongside and support and coach them from their goals to full destiny. With integrity, a heart of compassion and a high standard of achieving he has guided and made me the best person I can be. He played a supportive role to bring about the necessary change and accountability during the process of achieving personal, wealth and business goals. I will always be thankful for the supportive way I was directed by him on my life journey. It is with absolute confidence that I recommend Dr Francois to anyone who seeks a sincere coach who will ensure lasting results.

Cilliers Coetzee, Business Owner

I have known Francois for the past 16 years and he is one of those rare people you will meet that will make an everlasting impact in your life. When you meet Francois you will experience guidance and direction in your life in a loving, caring and naturally relational way. You will know he is speaking the truth in love and will feel immediately at ease. When you leave Francois' presence you will be awakened to your God given dream and purpose, and have the faith and confidence to actively pursue it. If you need a life changing experience, I strongly recommend a coaching session with Francois.

Hanli Marais - Life Coach, Author, Marketplace Pastor, Business Woman

Dr. Francois Engelbrecht is a respected, ethical, credible and professional life coach to people around the world.  He is filled with God’s wisdom and revelation and applies that regarding everyone’s situation and circumstances. He has the ability to see and sort through the clutter in your personal and business life and give clear direction as well as hold you accountable and stay focused on your individual gifts. His heart is to see people set free from the hindering limitations of their mind and reach their God-given potential and destiny!  He is a spiritual father and mentor to many and a wonderful example of humility and Kingdom living. If you get the chance to work with him, do not hesitate!

Dr Annemarie Boshoff, Stellenbosch

Francois’ coaching transcends across nations, cultures, vocations or spiritual borders! When you spend time with Francois, you encounter a person who spends time in God’s presence, who operates according to Kingdom principles and who imparts divine hope to those in need!  Besides his passion for God and people, he loves life and wants others to enjoy theirs by living it according to their design and purpose! Being an excellent listener with divine discernment and insight on the one hand, he applies wisdom and divine strategy on the other hand!  A coach not just to encounter, but to be transformed by for the glory of God’s Name, it is my honor and privilege to recommend Francois as an International Life Coach!